Ultimate Stay-Home Loungewear

Self-isolation can sometimes feel like endless cycles of repeating activities. Perhaps, working from home seems extra long after excessive snacking, cleaning, scrolling social media or binging Netflix. That’s why Zara’s Ultimate Loungewear motivates social-distancing with class and style.

Check out these four hot picks to refresh the New Routine effortlessly.

Zara Model
  1. Ballon Sleeve Dress

Zara’s beautiful oyster white mini dress is a fun chilled look that’s perfect for lounging all day. I love the puffy short sleeves lightweight design, and back zip up closure. Zara’s Ballon Sleeve Dress will make you feel like you’re doing more than just watching tv. Get Now $39.90

“Enjoy Me Time.”


Zara Model

2. Cropped Top & Midi Skirt

Zara’s black spaghetti scraps are elegantly comfy. Free yourself and look even more beautiful while laid back in quarantine. Match with the voluminous midi skirt. Get Now $39.90

“Refresh Your Wardrobe.”


Zara Model

3. Satin Top

Zara’s silky ivory two-piece sexy wear has no filter. Guaranteed relaxation all day! Pretend you’re going out even if only to check your mailbox. Get Now $39.90

“Choose What Feels Good.”


Zara Model


4. Draped Neckline Top

Zara’s hunter green two-piece redefines self-isolation tastefully. The bold elegant wear fits any occasion. A perfect look to pickup food or just hangout in your backyard, catching the sun fiercely. Get Now $25.90


“Dress Up For You.”


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