Why I Love Kelly Rowland’s New Single “Coffee?”

Black girl magic at it’s finest.

Kelly Rowland will definitely make you forget all about quarantine. The 39-year-old R&B star shines brightly in her new single Coffee. I love it. It’s cheerfully savage. The video compliments all shades of blackness, soaking up the sun effortlessly.

Coffee is more than just a stimulating bean. Kelly, takes escapism to a new level. She escapes, to a place of relaxation, fun, pleasure, self-love and liberation.

Of course…there is sex appeal, but the true message runs deep. Really deeply. Black women are featured in all shades of “Coffee” colors, no filters, rocking chic nude and white two-piece swimwears.

“You know I’m a rarity.”

~Kelly Rowland


Coffee by Kelly Rowland

Coffee sets on a tropical beach in Miami, Florida (before quarantine). The scene opens with Kelly, vibrantly riding on a beautiful horse in the blazing sun across shore, like a princess in a fairytale.

Next, a group of beautiful women stand in formation, dressed in nude bikinis, aesthetically glowing with melanin, afros, extra long ponytails and braids stylishly. The mood is right, she has no time to waste. Love timelessly, liberates her soul.


“My Love Be Your Therapy.”

~Kelly Rowland 


Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland debut as a member of Destiny Child. Later the star went solo collaborating with many artist including, Nelly, Future, Chris Brown and more. She married her husband and former manager Tim Weatherspoon in 2014, and gave birth to her son Titan Jewell Weatherspoon. Last year, January 8, 2019, Kelly collaborated with Fabrics a lifestyle-fitness brand, debuting her third collection with the brand.

Fabletics was co-founded by Kate Hudson 2013. The company has profited over $235 million as of Jan 2019.

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