How Kilo Kish Elevates Fiercely?

BloomingDiamondscelebrates, American rapper, song-writer, & visual artist, Lakisha Kimberly Robinson, 29 better known as Kilo Kish. Her #Blackgirlmagic endlessly, creates uniques approaches with collaborations of music and fashion.

“Keep Going Forward, Even If Peeked Backwards.”


Kilo Kish


My favorite song is VOID, which was released, September, 13, 2019 off the album Mothe-EP. Kilo Kish’s music isn’t typical rap. It’s mostly, indie and alternative music mixes.The star dresses classy and gives fans something deeper to think about. “Like what is life really about?”

In the music video VOID  Kilo Kish battles her (twin) in a big house, villainously. The message signifies what we all experience at times subconsciously. “It’s You Vs. You.”

Fans can get a glimpse of her personality.

Why #blackgirlmagic?Kilo Kish effortlessly shows off courageous aspects of herself, the good, and the ugly. I love her plethora of voices that vibrates softly, melancholy, balanced and joyfully. Most rap songs have the opposite effect.

“To me, Void is the most energetic song in the project. It’s the part where you actually break out of the cocoon a little bit.”

~Kilo Kish 

Kilo Kish


Kilo Kish dresses with elegance and modesty. Respect goes a long way. The 29-year-old flaunts effortlessly #blackgirlmagic like no other. Her personal style remains unmatched… Something, about Kilo’s artistry instantly produces a sense of calmness with eclectic meanings. The star LOVES to convey what she’s currently experiencing through music.

Why #blackgirlmagic Kilo Kish is Unapologetic, simply one of the best artist in today’s entertainment industry. An unpredictable visionary of what it means to honor your true self regardless of what the world thinks. Kilo, uncovers deep traits of her spirit with an hunger to SHARE and TEACH, As a black girl—As Kilo Kish.

“The Best Character To Play Is You.”



Kilo Kish released her debut full length LP “Reflections in Real Time (RRT)” in 2016 through her own label, kisha soundscape + audio (ksa). Previous albums includes EP Homeschool which was released  April 2, 2012, and was well received by critics, being labeled as one of the best albums of 2012 by Complex.

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