Why I Love Beyoncé Fierce New Single “Black Is King”

LOS ANGELES—Pop singer Beyonce Knowles, 38 released her latest single, Black Is King which highlights powerful visuals of black culture and pride. The video premiered on Disney +July 31st.

The song ‘Black Is King’ derives from Disney’s film The Lion King: The Gift 2019, which tells the story of a young African King who was outcasted as a baby and later returned home to claim his throne.


Why I Love Black Is King?

Beyoncé boldly encourages Black people to see the leader within and not be defined by negative narratives. In the film, she ask’s the young African king to remember who he is singing,  (“King already you know it. It’s time to shine”).  The message translates, “If we are truly royalty, why would we tolerate the kinds of institutionalized racism faced by Black Americans in the U.S. and racism faced by Black people all over the world?”

I love The Energy?

The 38-year-old singer, created something new to dance to, celebrating Black culture. ‘Black Is King’ honors: beauty, resilient, love and energy of what it TRULY means to love love yourself as a Black person in America. ‘You’re A King You Know It’ Beyoncé sings angelically through out the video.

“Everybody is somebody even if you’re nobody.”




I love The Confidence.

Black is beautiful. Black is powerful in all shades. The video is a masterpiece written and executively produced by Beyonće. The choreography is fire, and contagious. It will make you want to dance. Black girl magic definitely sets the tone and rhythm through out the video.

“The film also features guest stars including,  JAY-Z, Pharrell Williams, fellow Destiny’s Childmember Kelly Rowland, Tina Knowles-Lawson, Lupita Nyong’o, Naomi Campbell, models Aweng Ade-Chuol and Adut Akech, and many of the artists on The Giftalbum.

Black people for hundreds of years has been ostracized and faces racism till this day in American society. We must remember who we are because are not who they say we are. WE ARE BLACK KINGS AND QUEENS.


“We are one and the same unlike any other.”



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