8 Invaluable Gifts To Wrap Up 2020

Eclectic Things Suggested For Love Ones
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Sanestina Hunter

12- 14- 2020

We all know 2020 has been such an anomaly. While, most of us worked from home, and obeyed restrictions. Others, enjoyed outdoor dinning, Vegas trips, and covert gatherings. Some, also loss loved ones, and jobs. The list is endless. But, no matter what 2020 has unraveled for you, here’s a list of invaluable gift ideas to bring smiles to yourself and others. 

1. Create Personalized Gift Baskets For Love Ones

Personalizing gifts are golden, especially during a pandemic. It’s gratifying to craft something special for those you love, and maybe don’t. To create the best basket, choose four to five things they love most. Make it beautiful, but keep it simple. 

Ideas You’ll Love 

  • Make up or Shaving Cream
  • Wine, Wine, Wine
  • Hand Sanitizer & Mask*
  • Favorite Snacks
  • Perfume or Colone

“Give A Different This Year.”


2. Get Nostalgic & Burn Favorite Songs To CD (This is unnecessary, but sweet.)

Apple’s music platform site works great to convert songs to CD’s. Your loves ones will totally love this idea. It’s original, and no-one else will do this except you, and that’s why this idea stand out.

“Priceless Gifts Last Forever.”


3. Frame Favorite Moments

Let’s face it, life is short. You never know when you will lose someone close, no one does. Appreciating, those we have now, even if they are annoying, matters. Use this season to RECAPTURE and frame special days or occasions. I bet, they will find it adorable.

Checkout these five ways to print photos from your Instagram. 

“As Life Fades, Memories Are Forever.”


4. Keep It Epistolary, (I know it’s victorian…. but I love letters)

Write, a one to two page letter to that person. Simply, express appreciation, and what they mean to you. Also, imagine, what life would be like without them. Ultimately, this letter will last forever, beyond any gifts. Trust me. 

Click here to inspire your letter writing this season.

“Give From Your Heart, Not Your Wallet.”


5. Add Someone To Your Streaming Services(Not everyone Can Keep Up)

Maybe, your friend or love ones can’t afford a recurring Netflix bill, during the pandemic. Here’s your chance to show compassion, and share streaming accounts. In fact, it will probably bring them joy to binge old tv shows, like Sister Sister, Friends, and more. 

Here’s the safest way to share your online streaming accounts by Wire.

“Some Gifts Means Sharing Privileges.”


6. Do something they adore, even though you hate it. 

Just because you’re dating or married to someone, it doesn’t mean you like everything they do. This season, aim to do something impressive. Maybe, it’s watching sports together, a silly reality show, or cooking Christmas dinner as a team. Whatever it is, just do it. 

“Impress Them With Rarity.”


7. DIY Home Spas

Giving, the gift of a home spa, is one of kind. Start the day, with breakfast including mimosas or coffee, next a massage; pedicure and manicure. Continue pampering with lunch, and snacks. At dinnertime, get more romantic, adding candles and music. Use These Essential Tips For Guidence

“Simplicity Is The Final Achievement.”

~Frédérick Chopin

8. Whatever you want, as long as it’s meaningful. 

Happy Holidays!


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