Your Zoom Etiquette Guide

Sanestina Hunter

12. 17, 2020

Remote, working, schooling, and religious gatherings, equals Zoom. The pandemic indefinitely, changed our normal ways of living, and transported us to mars in a blink of an eye. In fact, Zoom, quickly gained popularity, progressing as the essential catalyst to stay connected, amiss the COVID-19 impact.

The pandemic lead to a boom in Zoom’s platform. Daily participants surplus to 300 million. In comparison to last year, the video app record just 10 million daily users.


The Setting

Virtual and well designed backgrounds are essential for professional zoom meetings. Clutter free spaces, also makes for great backgrounds. (Literally, one object in the back of your head, is perfect). Personally, I love using bookshelves and pictures during zoom calls. But, for ultimate privacy, many users prefer virtual backgrounds.

Lights Camera Action

Natural and artificial lights uplifts the energy in the room. You wouldn’t want to host a virtual meeting in a dimly lit room where your face is barely recognizable. Ring lights works well to adjust warm to bright appearing temperatures.

Posture & Movement

“Hey, no slouching.”

Body language speaks volumes about our personalities. When we’re constantly changing body positions, it reads boredom on the receiving end. Great posture, makes for a confident attitude. Always, aim and maintain a nice straight back with the least amount of movement.

Voice & Morale

How and what you say matters. Sustaining a steady respectable voice sets the morale in meetings. Before hosting a video conference, check the microphone volume levels to set between the middle and top ranges. Speak with excitement; don’t sound deflated or tired. Always give yourself a few seconds to probe before speaking and responding.

Avoid Eating. Sips Are Okay

Just don’t do it. Coffee and waters are fine for most meetings. So, unless you’ve been invited to a zoom party, leave the cookies and sandwiches off camera.

Prompt & Attentive

Yes, it’s obvious when you’re late, everyone knows. The video host, especially notices because they have to let you in. Prompt, persons are well prepared for video meetings, they don’t allow avatars (pictures) to replace them. Eye contact, combined with crucial listening is all the attentiveness you need to know.


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