Is Peloton Bike Really Worth The Expense

Sanestina Hunter

12, 21. 2020

In short, yes!

Peloton has attracted more consumers during the pandemic than ever. Peloton’s membership base hit 3.1 million at the end of June 2020, more than double a year earlier, as gyms closed due to Covid-19. These stationary bikes became the perfect quarantine fitness essentials, for those who love working out. Bikes start at $2600 and requires a $40 monthly subscription to access classes.

The Hype Is Real

Peloton cycling approach is well planned. I believe it’s simply the diversity of instructors; live time slots, archive of classes, music, real time relevance like celebrating the holidays, and pop culture that the company recognizes. That’s dope because riders never miss anything. The slew of instructors, also accommodates a variety of competitive teaching levels from HIT rides; to low impact cycling, meditation, stretching, yoga, outdoor running, walking and more. If you’re a competitive rider, you can move up the leaderboards.

Courtesy of Peloton

The Catch

If members are willing to make the most of daily workouts, it’s a win win. Otherwise, its a waste of money for 1-2 weekly workouts.

Sanestina’s Take

Owning a Peloton is probably one of the best decisions that I’ve made during the quarantine orders. At first I was reluctant. It’s too expensive. But at the same time I’m also high-maintenance and bougie so why not. I love that the bike fits perfectly in my room. I am thrilled to see it.

Almost every morning, I wakeup and workout twice a day. Usually 20 mins in the morning, and 30 minutes before bed. However, sometimes, I miss running on treadmills when gyms were a thing. The Peloton bike has been a great companion. And no doubt, it is a strong bike. In fact, the high techie flaunts a 22 inch-HD video touch screen that’s flawless and adjustable. You can tilt it flat or straight. The sturdy bike also weighs 135 pounds, and is made of carbon steel. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Some of my favorite instructors are Tunde Oyeneyin & Ally Love. It’s such a beautiful thing to see others that look like you. I can’t stress that enough. Peloton understands that inclusively is like a golden nugget and that was also the main thing that attracted me to make such a pretentious purchase. High-energy from instructors that actually look like me, goes a long way. Kudos to Peloton!


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