What Is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a live invite-only audio app launched March 2020 during the start of the pandemic. The app started with 1,500 users to 15 million as of July 2021. CH attendees can start rooms, raise-hand to chime in on topics, moderate them.

All members must follow CH private policies. Clubhouse is free to download on IOS and Android devices. The live-audio app is filled with individuals and professionals ready to network, share knowledge, even recruit job seekers. Clubhouse reported 10 million weekly active users last Spring.

Clubhouse Hallway & Rooms

The perks get better. On July 14th, Clubhouse added a new feature called “Backchannel,” which allows users to interact one-on-one or in group format which creates unity. Clubhouse celebrates diversity discrimination is prohibited .

Users’ activities include pinging members to join the conversations, moderate an unlimited slew of co-hosts, scroll down CH hallways to discover eclectic rooms like Startups, Entertainment Law, and Tech News, schedule reminders for upcoming events, give money directly through CH, which equivocates to tips with no fees attached.

Tech giant Elon Musk endorsed the live-audio app last year, which made it popular in mainstream media. The exclusive social media app was first introduced by Paul Davidson on IOS and Rohan Seth on of Alph Exploration Co.


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