Black Girl Magic: Maya Angelou face of U.S. quarter

LOS ANGELES— The United States Mint, honors Dr. Maya Angelou, an American poet, civil rights activist, as the first Black woman— and woman ever, as the new face of the 2022 U.S quarter. The news comes just in time for Black History Month celebrations in February.

I can’t wait to store up some of these quarters to never be spent, instead preserved for generations.

Photo Courtesy U.S Mint.

Black Girl Magic: Maya Angelou has been a healing poet for the entire nation. In 1993, she performed her poem, “On the Pulse of Morning” at president’s Bill Clinton inauguration— which also made her the first poet to make an inaugural recitation since Robert Frost.

Personal attributions: I remember reading her most famous poem, “Phenomenal Woman” in my college history class. It’s life changing. “I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings,” is also a personal favorite.

Maya’s contributions to the world: Throughout her career Dr. Angelou has made several film and television appearances including John Singleton “Poetic Justice,” Alex Hayley “Roots,” “Arthur’s Eyes with LeVar Burton.” She also published over a dozen books and poems that continues to empower generations of readers—including appearances in several Opera talk shows and college commencement speeches around the country.

Maya Angelou poetic spirit still rises long after her passing in May 2014. We love you Dr. Maya Angelou, keep rising. Her presence impacted the world; strong, angelic, relatable, fighter and human.



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