5 facts about ‘Slack’ you didn’t know

LOS ANGELES—Slack is a great productivity tool to communicate with coworkers and build teams. Especially, with the recent shift of work-from-home during the pandemic—slack has transformed into a multi-project management software system.

Here are 5 tools you didn’t know about Slack;

  • Slack— is owned by Salesforce, which is a cloud-based company and the #1 CRM for nonprofits and education. In November 2020, Salesforce purchased Slack for $27.7 billion.

  • Bots— this feature can do nearly all productivity work, like literally. Slack’s bot features include memorize teammates names, send messages, mentioned users, upload files, invite users to channels or kick out certain users if needed. A bot is a type of Slack App designed to interact with users via conversation.
  • Pinning Messages—on Slack is a great way to view significant messages for your team’s goal, embedded links and other details to lead the day.

  • The multipurpose tool also works with over 2,000 apps that can be downloaded to enhance user experience, collaborate with teams and other companies. Some apps include Trello, Google Workspace and Microsoft Teams—users can also send emails in the Slack app.

Click here to check out the App directory for more information.

  • Slack prioritizes diversity— for equal opportunities among people of color. In 2020 Nadia Rawlinson was appointed named Slacks Executive Team Chief People Officer. Rawlinson works to help architect the future of Slack’s workforce.
Photo Credit Slack Nadia Rawlinson

Rawlinson has experience in human resources strategy and development on a global scale, most recently serving as the Chief Human Resources Officer for Live Nation Entertainment, a Fortune 500 global leader in the live events industry,” according to Slack.

“Nadia is bringing her exceptional talents to Slack at an incredibly important moment,” said Slack Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Stewart Butterfield. “Today we have a unique opportunity to reimagine how we manage, how we lead and how we organize. Nadia will play a key role in that, both for Slack and for our customers.”

To learn more about Slack and its wealth of programs visit here.


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