5 Black Podcaster’s you need to know

These are some of the best Black podcasters I’ve listened to and found life changing…

  1. National Public Radio (NPR) Code Switch— This podcast tells the story of how race relations effects African Americans and other people of color.
NPR Code Switch 2020

I’ve became a big fan of NPR radio during the pandemic. Listening to NPR daily is life changing. I’ve learned so much about journalism and every detail of how the pandemic operated.

Code Switch touches on empathy, identity, and ethnicity mixed with a little humor. The podcast is co-hosted by Gene Demby. Meet the team and Listen here.

2. Levar Burton Reads (Yes he’s from Reading Rainbow)

Photo Credit: Levar Burton Reads webpage

This is probably one of my favorite podcasters. I love the way Burton READS. Every word takes readers into a different world—almost instantly. It’s powerful storytelling at its finest. Each story is handpicked short fiction by Burton, from writers around the world.

I listen to his stories sometimes at bedtime or casually browsing the Internet. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

3. Soo Many White Guys

Phoebe Robinson Photo Credit: website

Hosted by Phoebe Robinson who is a multi-talented stand-up comedian, and a New York Times best-selling writer, and actress.

This podcast tells funny antidotes about her personal experiences— and super honest conversations with musicians, actors, writers and comedians who are killing it in their fields—and who aren’t white dudes. Check it out here.

4. The Black Girl Bravado Because self care is, EVERYTHING

The Back Girl Bravado Podcast

These ladies seek to build a community with women of color through laughter and love.

Hosted by Germani Manning and Brittany Lackey— caters to topics on self-love, mental health wellness, spirituality, humor, entrepreneurship and much more.

It’s the perfect way to relax and to listen to updates from women just life you.

Photo Credit: The New York Times

5. Still Processing by the New York Times

Hosted by Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham

Still Processing talks about culture in America in the aspects of television; music, dating, books, films, and how conversations around culture shapes—how these elements are presented in the world.

Still Processing also derives from personal experience woven together with historical influences. I highly recommend this podcast for a refreshing perspective.


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