4 ways this high-fashion designer support women startups

Tory Burch

LOS ANGELES—Fashion designer, and entrepreneur Tory Burch continues to shine her light beyond women luxury fashion goods with the Tory Burch Foundation (TBF) a nonprofit that provides women and women entrepreneurship access to capital, education and a plethora of resources.

With many partnerships and sponsors over the years, the TBF has succeeded in bridging the gap to accelerate women with the tools needed to own and start their businesses.

Here are 4 fearless ways the TBF help women follow their dreams

1. Free Resources:

She provides simple digital resource tools to teach women the fundamentals of running a business.

The TBF resource tool offers articles, videos, webinars, and a host of experts like Matt Wallaert, head of behavioral scientist at Frog to share his expertises on topics including:

  • Market Research Strategies For Small Businesses;
  • Financial Tools for Your First Year In Business; and
  • Women-owned B2B You Should Know;

2. Initiatives and Events:

TBF Embrace Ambition Summit

The Embrace Ambition Summit, a global initiative launched in 2017 aims to address the double standard that exists around stereotypes and unconscious bias surrounding race, gender and sexuality.

The #EmbraceAmbition Summit 2022 is held virtually and live on June 14 and presented by Bank of America.

The Summit consist of six sessions covering an array of topics and feature presentations, two- to three-person conversations, storytelling and live performances. Speakers will include well-known individuals from business, sports, Hollywood, comedy, academia and politics.

The Summit will conclude with takeaways for addressing and overcoming stereotypes.

Guest can attend for free and enjoy a full day of networking, listen to speakers, shop women-owned brands, and more.

3. Access to Capital:

  • Bank of America Loan Program—TBF partnership with Bank of America connects women entrepreneurs with local Community Lenders, who directly provide affordable loans to eligible women entrepreneurs;
  • Grants For Women of Color—TBF partnership with Fearless Fund and The Cru offering grants to select businesses across the country. Fund contributes include Goldman Sacks, and One Million Black Women; and
  • Neat Artisan Revolving Fund—TBF also works with Nest to provide repayable grants to women artisans and makers in select cities in the U.S.

4. Fellowship Directory:

Women starting out in businesses can join a long list of TBF Fellowship Directory that make up a dynamic community of passionate entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries. There are over 180 fellowships in 45 cities and 20 industries.

To donate to the Tory Burch Foundation click here


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