3 Ways To Beat Burnout

Sometimes with heavy workloads, we forget to prioritize what really matters. Keeping things copacetic is key! I can’t believe it’s the end of summer 2022. This has been such a great year. Although I’ve been quiet and decided to take a private approach to life, I kind of miss excessively sharing the fun things I’ve been up to, even the busy things.

But for now, check out these 3 tips I’ve used to overcome burnout and redefine equilibrium. Many of us overlook and forget what life is really all about when we are busy with our careers and going through the motions. I hope this blog helps you slow down and find ways to bring more balance and fun into your life. Happy Reading!!!

1. Breathe

This may sound tedious. But meditation and yoga are everything when it comes to aligning your mind and body and beating burnout. The various breathing techniques involved can make a difference in your life. Studies have shown that both practices help with clear thinking, blood flow, and reduced anxiety that is associated with stress. Learning to take deep breaths really slows down the mind and helps us manage our days better. Try downloading the Calm App. There are many great benefits, such as guided meditation.

2. Take A Day Off

Sometimes burnout happens because we are not properly respecting our time and separating work life from home life. This is a common issue in today’s fast-paced world. Everyone is busy. The best way to get things back into balance is to simply practice discipline. For instance, when the end of the day is approaching, prepare to wrap things up. If you need a deadline extension or other accommodations, make it known. These solutions can indefinitely aid in eliminating burnout.

Overall, it can take a while to get this habit into practice. But once it is mastered, it can be life-changing. Separating work and personal life is a game changer. Whether you are just starting out in your career or are at executive level.

3. A Joyous Activity

This is the most important tip of all. Getting out to do something fun is equally as important as working. Get that dopamine! Try simple things, such as going on a bike ride or drawing. For me, it’s getting back into horseback riding, short story writing like romance novels, and blogging just as I am now. Blogging is fun. It gives me a moment to use my creativity. I love making editorials. But more significantly, it’s invaluable when I allow my creative juices to flow. It’s meaningful. I get something back from blogging. It feels good.

Thanks for reading!


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