3 Tips for a better night’s sleep

With social media more exciting and prevalent than ever, many of us are hooked to our digital devices long past our bedtimes. Sadly, this habit can interfere with getting proper rest and focusing on important task.

Check out these three tips to improve your sleep and ultimately get the beauty rest you deserve:

1. Create boundaries with a set bedtime

Image Credit: Canva

It helps to have a bedtime routine in which all electronic devices are shut down at a certain time before bed. For example, aiming to bed in bed by 10 p.m., and ending all digital activities is the fastest way to improve your sleep.

Researchers say, it takes 21 days to create a new habit. So by creating a new bedtime routine, we ultimately train your brains to automatically prepare for bed.

2. Camomile Tea

Image Credit: Canva

Camomile tea is a great habit to add to your nightly routine. Made from dried flowers, this herbal tea creates a sleep aroma sensation that’s suitable for calming our minds just in time for sleep.

Active ingredients include: chamazulene, apigenin, and bisabolo.

Studies have shown that regularly drinking camomile tea, relaxes our nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety. I love drinking this tea before bed. I can literally feel the difference in how relaxed I am. Click here to order.

3. Stretching

Image Credit: Canva

Releasing endorphins are a secure way to prepare the body for rest. The human body loves routine. I believe that stretching is a great habit to consider right before bed. Overall, stretching helps with blood flow and calms the body.

To make the process simple, I highly recommend downloading the Peloton App, for its incredible workout programs, including: cycling, yoga, core strength, barre and much more.

Each class is taught by highly trained and enthusiastic instructors, such as Ally Love, Tunde Oyeneyin and Kristin McGee.

Peloton is definitely worth the hype. And every penny. Read why here.

Thanks for reading!


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