Are You Exclusively InStyle?

BloomingDiamonds–– Inspires confidence in women through fashion! I bet your wondering what’s the meaning behind the brands motto? Keep reading to find out more! The name speaks for itself. BloomingDiamonds– “Just Shine…Unfold. Flourish. Naturally.” Represents someone who’s coming into their own. It takes pressure … Continue reading Are You Exclusively InStyle?

3 Ways— To Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful!

February—👛🌸💕   The month of Love better known as Valentines Day  can SOMETIMES trigger loneliness, or confusion, but in case you didn’t know… You. Are. Your. First Love! That special someone is you! Read on and discover inner beauty tips, inspiration for 2019 and forever!     1. … Continue reading 3 Ways— To Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful!

The Cutest Mini Bags You’re Missing😱😍

Weekends are short, slay in these must-haves and leave bulky handbags home…   Unicorn Ballon Clutch  Fancy bags for fancy girls!! Day dream into the night, and let the fun begin! Unicorns are confident fanciful creatures just like us! Be different. The sky is not the limit! Small items only, like cardholders, keys, lipstick and mirror. Get Here   “Live Colorfully.” Kate Spade New York     Cameron Street Clarise Love warm blues! This bright yellow wear compliments her square purse well! Match with your deepest desires. Remember fashion extends beauty! It’s all about how you feel first. Great for small wallets, cardholders, keys, lipstick and mirror, and additonal personal … Continue reading The Cutest Mini Bags You’re Missing😱😍