Get Clear!

Ever Wondered Why That Beautiful Face In The MIRROR Isn’t Clear? Simple… Ready? Dirt loves to hide underneath anything. A human face naturally contains bacteria.  Photo Credit: Lux Health Skin changes and regrows every day. If not cleaned properly, skin suffers screaming drastically as dirt digs deeper, and find places to spread the bad guys. Yes, the […]


All Women Count

NORTHRIDGE, CA- Trump issues executive order barring travels from six Muslim nations seeking visas. Photo Credit: The Independent By Lisa Pasha The executive order states Iran; Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia have heighten terrorism. The suspension will take effect March 16. The travel ban placed refugees at a disadvantage. Los Angeles California is filled […]


Killings of Black Women

NORTHRIDGE, CA— Black women are the most educated group in America representing eight percent of the nations population. Fifty percent suffer from domestic violence and police homicides. Unarmed black men and women are nearly killed at the same rate, but Black women killings go unnoticed in media.  Wall Street Journal There is a modicum of […]