When is the right time?

Sometimes leaving a job or a breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend is never the right time. Or is it?

How do you know? Easier said than done right? It may be complicated to know when its the right time to end something. Here are five reasons to let it all go with just a little planning. Planning goes long way. Its suggested to have some sort of plan that will get you through the big change. Letting go of a job, career, friend or significant other has to be done if you’re not growing, happy, or benefitting in a positive way.

 The spirit is a compass. Listen to that inner voice, it’s light and it doesn’t argue her name is Subconscious. A lot of folks choose to ignore her. Don’t be that individual. If something’s chasing you out, and or you know that you can do better, than its Time to let that thing go for good. 


                                   Photo By Karnika Mayhiyaria 

“Simplicity is the Final Achievement.” -Frederick Chopin

Listen The body is also an big indicator telling the brain something’s wrong or something needs to changed. Take chances to embark on new adventures. Summer is here! Why not? How do you feel at the job or with that individual. Is it uplifting, Have you analyzed what could possibly be holding you back? Break down the steps to see what can be done to take a pay cut, go back to school, and find that job you really love to see a different way of life and ideas.

Okay. Here’s the irony, Are you at your dream job or are you buying time slaving away out of fear and preparation? Whatever level you’re on just acknowledge it. Maybe you’re planning but can’t waste another day at you job or with someone you’ve more than likely outgrown? Whatever the case leave, put in that two weeks notice, immediately once you’ve been hired at another place that fits your personality and encourages you to grow creatively. Do it the right way. 


                                                 Huffington Post 

“If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it then change your attitude.” -Maya Angelou

What are your passions? A passion is something you do even if it didn’t pay well or at all. Okay, find a better day job that will support you’re well being while you turn your non paid passions into wealthy building success. It has to happen God gives us all gifts that we can use for profit. But its how we used those gifts. A lot of us get lost in feat and eventually settle for less. We have to listen to our calling. Its a compass and path to the inner soul. Creativity  must be put out into the world as an expression. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a financial advisor, librarian, writer, actor, doctor or even a veterinarian. If that’s your calling do it, with something else that you also love to help pay the bills and keep things moving in ORDER. 

Final Thought Sometimes you won’t know what to do, where to go until the noise is Quiet. What do I mean by that? Get out or way from what’s clouding your thoughts. Meditation, writing, and daily exercise works well. Try it. Studies show that an increase in moods development. Remember peace is still and it is no influence by the outer world. Peace is created from within and it stay’s within. If anyone needs help and advice please send an email loaded on questions or thought. I would love to read them. Thank you. 

By Sanestina Hunter

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