Kendal loves Pepsi

Super model and TV star Kendal Jenner upset fans over insensitive Pepsi Ad.


                                               New York Times 

 Little did she know the commercial was spitting on the forever protesting and civil rights of minorities especially African Americans.
Many of Kendal’s supporters were outraged and took to social media expressing that the Ad mocks Black Lives Matter Movement. 

Pepsi’s spokesperson released a statement stating “The commercial was created to bring unity with all the crimes and racial tension happening in society.” But instead it was perceived as insult to the black leaders that has marched and protest. The Ad quickly received backlash for appropriating BLK. Pepsi sense then has pulled their Ad in a statement explaining the Ad was purposed to bring love and unity

                                                     E News 

 Jenner rose to fame on a reality television show when older sister Kim Kardashian was caught in a sex tape scandal and was offered a reality show opportunity creating popularity with the hit Keeping up with the Kardashians. Kendal and her youngest sibling Kylie Jenner were shy kids running around the mansion. Her latest project is Estée Lauder cosmetics. Jenner is a hard working model but she should steer away from projects that may offend her diverse pool of fans.

This image represent’s the women standing in front of police officers during a demonstration of solidarity which is similar to the way Kendall stood in the Pepsi commercial. However, in 2016 a resident of Baton Rouge, Alton Sterling was shot several times by police officers for allegedly selling CD’s and threatening a patron with a gun. When officers arrived they immediately fatally shot Sterling. The 37-year-old left behind children. The case is still under investigation by the US department of justice. Black Lives Matter Movement protested and marched. 


                                        Baton Rouge Protest 

Educate yourself

Alton Sterling Investigation  
Black Lives Matter
Pepsi Commercial 
Kendal Jenner Ad United the Country

 By Sanestina Hunter with contributions from the Wire, and The New York Times 


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