Chapter 32💙

“My Truth”
BIRTHDAY Queen 3:19 🎉🥰🦋

Falling in love can sometimes reap strange experiences. Especially when you don’t realize how much time is passing while you’re grieving that loss. Including oscillating idealisms of what should have been. Long after its over… Oops

I’m guilty of that.
Very guilty.

In short, I fell sadly inlove with the wrong man….. along the way, I lost sight of who I was and what’s important.. “My Truth”

Finally, Choosing to completely let go and live in the present isn’t easy, but BEST. “C’est La Vie”

Jesus has all the love I seek.

I am truly BLESSED.

I welcome Ms. 32 with new experiences, MORE Love, Joy, CONFIDENCE & Self-control🤗

RIP Parker❤️ 1/13/20
“My Baby Dog”


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