Timeless Savage Chic Looks

Savage fashions are all about attitudes and creating without hesitation. No matter if you rock; long braids, cornrows, afros, or straight hair. The right attitude adds endless versatility to your features. Stay refreshed as Spring 2020 revitalizes you.




Classic hairstyles never leaves the scenes. Braids especially! We all love them. It protects our hair, and also makes for fun, with difference shapes, colors, and lengths. Braids are personally my favorite. ~~~Remember, be uniquely you, freely. DON’T CONFORM.

Model Clothes Description

  • Gray/Black—Skinny Jeans Get Now 
  •  White Vans Left Chest Hit Long sleeved t-shirt Get Now


“Bold Moves Only.”



Back to the 90s with this popular look and now heavy in today’s fashion world. Cornrows are exclusive. It’s the purest hairstyle of them all. Its deeply rooted… So put, on your pokerface and leave the house fiercely knowing that you are authentically you.

Model Clothes Description

  • Round-neck white shirt with puffy long sleeves Get Now
  • Light blue high waisted jeans Get Now


“Follow Your Bliss.”



I love the wavy mix. Long hair don’t care is the ultimate savage wear. Turtleneck crop tops are rare with drawstrings. The two-piece style reveals modesty and fun at the same time effortlessly… Hands down, my personal favorite look. Dark wardrobes are always bold and savage. It’ so 90s and so fire.

Model Clothes Description

  • Sixth June long sleeve crop top with drawstring Get Now

“Live For You.”




Curly hair is versatile. Let it be free, by designing it however you like. Literally. This pink denim jumpsuit style can be worn anywhere with the right attitudes. Always, be yourself and your own boss without hesitation. Make good decisions because you will feel your best.

Model Clothes Description

  • Weekday Short Sleeve Denim Boiler suit Get Now

Happy Reading





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